Camp on Austera Lakes Ridge

North Cascades, Washington

Camp on Mt Larrabee

North Cascades, Washington

Camp on Isolation Peak

North Cascades, Washington

Camp before Colonial Peak

North Cascades, Washington

The magic and lure of aesthetic landscapes have played on my mind for much of my life. Over many years they’ve had a great impact upon me, and the way that I understand the world.

People seek out extraordinary, natural environments for reasons as diverse as people themselves. Mystery, adventure and the prospect of accomplishment draw many. Sheer pleasure in sights, sounds, and sensations entice many more. For others it is more a desire for simplicity and reflection. I’ve rarely found a more effective way to collect my own thoughts than to walk through a wilderness, nor a better way to re-affirm my health.

What these and perhaps all attractions share is a concept broadly inclusive, but individually and momentarily distinguished. The basis of the perception of beauty, it's inexorable pull and limitless variation is something I've long pondered. It is clear to me however, that special moments I’ve witnessed in my wanderings through these landscapes have been among the most resonant I've known.

In Crack Canyon

San Rafael Reef, Utah

In Buckskin Gulch

Grand Staircase, Utah

On Hachindar Point

Karakorum Range, Pakistan

Quiet Reveille on Mt Blum

North Cascades, Washington

Photography has many motivations. It is sometimes intended as an expression of fine art, sometimes as a craft of depiction, and perhaps most often, as a simple and common tool of memory.

Photography encourages an imaginative awareness of the visual world that I’ve found exhilarating and at times, thought provoking. It has helped me to appreciate more clearly the uniqueness of a moment in time, and has often brought sharper focus to thoughts about the nature of aesthetic experience that continue to feed my sense of wonder.

Over the years I have watched the range of my photographs expand from the simple, documentary snapshots of earlier times to the intimate reflections that imbue my favorite images. I have come to understand my photographs as meditations upon my own evolving perception. They are testaments of time and place, but more than this, they are moments of recognition; moments that have produced in me an emotional response worth remembering.

On Chimborazo

Western Cordillera, Ecuador

Erratic Boulder and the West Face of Helvitestinden

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Cycling Norway's West Coast

Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

Camp in Quebrada Quilcayhuanca

Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Traveling is among the most hopeful things I have done. Few encounters expand a person as thoroughly as an untethered immersion into the unfamiliar. Alluring, storied destinations abound, and yet, in the end, the traveler's prize is less about where you've been than it is about the serendipity that emerges.

Knowing a place through a traveling visit however memorable, differs greatly from living in a place and building a relationship to it through the seasons. People often come to a special feeling for their chosen home places and I have been fortunate to have developed this affection for several different areas over the course of my life. The North Cascades have drawn and held this distinction for me for many years now and accordingly, form the greater part of this website.

Shadow Portrait on S Mtn

North Cascades, Washington

Waiting for a Ride on the KKH

Karakorum Range, Pakistan

On Despair Pulpit

North Cascades, Washington

On Navaren

Lofoten Islands, Norway

These pages and everything on them will be works in progress for as long as they exist. Popular wisdom suggests that it is the pursuit rather than the end that feeds our motivation, and in this sense, perhaps nothing I present here will ever truly be finished.

The personal memories tied to these photographs make it unlikely that others will value them to the extent that I do. Still, there is a point at which such efforts can bloom into something expressive and enriching. I’d like to think that some of my attempts here will meet this end.

I hope you enjoy my website.


There are a couple of articles that relate to this website that I'd like to provide links to:

The first is an interview on Jack Brauer's Mountain Photographer blog. Special thanks to Jack (who is an exceptional photographer) for his interest and generosity.

The second is a piece in the Northwest Mountaineering Journal. I'm grateful to Lowell Skoog for proposing that I write a "High Bivouacs" story for the NWMJ, as well as for his work and encouragement on the project. Thanks also to Don Goodman, and Jason Hummel for bringing me to Lowell's attention.